Our historic city of Lincoln

Going back in time, Lincoln was one of the most important Viking, settlements in the country.
It is believed that, the town as it was back then, was named ‘Lindon’, which meant ‘the pool’, this was because the stretch of water connected to rivers leading in and out of Lincoln was one of the main sources of trade, transport of goods, access routes to the sea for raids, and useable water in the area.

The Viking Way also passes through Lincoln, this is a long distance trail in England running 147 miles (237 km) between the Humber Bridge in North Lincolnshire and Oakham in Rutland.

Lincoln has a very steep hill, which for the Vikings gave a great vantage point in all directions, one of the many reasons the site was so popular.
Later on in time the castle and Cathedral was constructed on top of the hill to helpprotect the pool.
The Cathedral was constructed in the 11th century, it was at the time the tallest human constructed structure in the world, even higher than the Great Pyramids of Egypt,

There have been a lot of Viking finds in the city, a lot of which are usually on display at Lincoln’s archaeological museum, ‘The Collection’.

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Ricky Botham

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