Viking Plunder’s Sustainable & Recyclable Packaging Goals

It took a few days of research and looking around, however, we now have replaced our plastic mailing supplies with eco-friendly recyclable versions!

Cardboard Boxes – Recyclable
We use the smallest size as possible to lessen the environmental impact, they each weigh less and take up less room in transit. This means they use less fuel and space when being transported to us, and also when we ship our Viking Plunder products out to our customers.

Cardboard Protective Packing – Recyclable
The corrugated cardboard offers the same level of protection as our previous packing, however, it takes up less space in transport to us compared to bubble wrap. We can also easily cut it to the desired size, this means we can use the right amount for each order.

LabelsRecyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable
The labels are wood free and are made from Bagasse (dry pulpy fibrous residue that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice.) The backing sheet the labels peel off is also recyclable.
The adhesive is different from normal silicone too as so is recyclable, unlike most labels left on boxes, which contaminates the recycling process at plants.
There are 4 labels to a sheet, which is the smallest we can use to print, this maximises each sheet used.

Paper Tape – Recyclable
Our tape is made from Kraft paper, and the adhesive is different to normal silicone too which means it is recyclable, unlike most tape left on boxes which contaminates the recycling process at plants.

The Distance of Supplies and Shipping Method
We look at the location/distance of the mailing supplies we order. We selected the closest ones to us, and slower economic delivery where possible, to cut down on the shipping impact they have.

Quantity and Cost
We are absorbing the increased cost of the new eco-friendly mailing supplies, this is because we believe that having recyclable packaging is a top priority.
We ordered everything in as large a quantity as possible, to help cut costs, and also to lessen the impact on the environment with multiple deliveries.

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